In my religion and media final project, I chose to analyze in further depth public figure Oprah Winfrey. Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential Americans of the twentieth century. She is one of the most powerful talk show host ever, therefore the content that she displays on her show and through all her other forms of media will have millions of people following her advice and guidance on a regular basis. I will show examples of the way religious ideologies and beliefs get infiltrated into mainstream media and have an overall effect on the society and media content.  I’ve considered the type of content she promotes through her media. Oprah is a heavyweight in mass media. Here you will be able to learn about her different media outlets, which emphasize her power on a Mass Scale. Oprah has her own production company allowing her to reach the masses through her own magazine O, website, talk show, books, films, radio, and now in addition this year to her own Network called OWN. Through this website you will be able to see how effective branding strategies have contributed to Oprah success. There are also some depictions and media content that goes further in depth with the religious and spiritual aspect of her content. This all has allowed her to become what some people refer to her as possible as influential as any major religious icon. 

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